A whole lot of English Bad Losers are whining that they where cheated by the video ref in the Rugby World Cup final against South Africa, a game South Africa won by a margin of 9 points (15 – 6), more than a converted try if you think about it.  Just to shut them up, here follows the cold, hard evidence that Cueto was in fact out before he grounded the ball.  Pictures showing his foot on the line, unlike the Mail on Sunday’s pictures of an emotional Harry Windsor as proof that it should have been a try (I still don’t get how that proves anything).  Oh, and then the last picture just to show John Smit holding up the cup, confirming South Africa as World Champions for the next 4 years.

Click on the pictures for larger versions.


Cueto’s foot clearly touches the white line.  He’s out!


Even clearer in the next frame, his toes are on the line.  Why don’t they just do it like this in the games I wonder?  If the TV ref can look at a frozen frame like this, there would be very little doubt in these cases.


Advance to the next frame, and only then can you see his foot lifting from the ground.

Rugby World Cup Champions 2007-2011

All the evidence anyone needs.