Augustus 2007

Ateïste reg oor die wêreld jubel en juig, want Moeder Teresa was ‘n ateïs.  Of dit is die afleiding wat baie maak as hulle lees van haar twyfel en geloofskrisisse.  Vir my is dit eerder ‘n bemoediging; dis oraait om te twyfel, om te dink, te wonder.  Dis deel van ‘n pad wat mens stap wat jou geloof versterk, nie ontken nie.


Die eerste 2 CDs wat ek gekoop het was in 1988:

1. Midnight Oil – Beds are Burning

2. La Bamba Soundtrack

Die gunsteling CD in my versameling is waarskynlik nog steeds Sting se Ten Summoner’s Tales.

Die blyste wat ek nog was na ‘n CD gesteel is, was toe iemand Lam se No Mercy single Where do you go verduister het.

Soos Carien en Hugo kan ek myself soms net nie keer om met mense aan die stry te raak oor wat hulle glo nie. Ek raak gefrustreerd dat mense kan glo dinosaurusse het ‘n paar duisend jaar terug nog saam met mense geleef, en dat die aarde net ‘n paar duisend jaar oud is. Ek moet myself inhou as mense goed sê soos “maar daar staan tog swart op wit in die Bybel dat dit sonde is om gay te wees, waaroor is die debat dan?” Ek begin egter al hoe meer agterkom dat ek maar net so min besig is om christen te wees as die mense met wie ek dan stry. Dat dit rerig nie daaroor gaan nie. Real Live Preacher stel dit in woorde soos ek nie kan nie, so sy woorde moet maar vir my praat.

The SABC are actually giving us value for our TV license money by showing more than half of the RWC games live (on SABC 2). Their communication skills are still lacking in some respects however, and I couldn’t find the schedule of what games they are broadcasting anywhere on any of their websites (the SABC sport website is the worst of all, and seems to be mostly cricket related as a leftover from the cricket world cup).  A few emails later I now have the schedule, and here it is:


FRANCE vs ARGENTINA 21:00 20:30 – 23:30 ST DENIS

SAT 08/09/07 NEW ZEALAND vs ITALY 13:45 13:30 – 16:30 LYON 23:00 – 00:00 H/LS MATCHES 8/9 50 min SABC 2
SUN 09/09/07 SOUTH AFRICA vs SAMOA 16:00 15:30 – 18:00 BORDEAUX

IRELAND vs NAMIBIA 20:00 19:30 – 22:30 PARIS 22:30-23:30 H/LS MATCHES 9/9 50 min SABC 2
TUES 11/09/07 ARGENTINA vs GEORGIA 20:00 19:30 – 22:30 LYON

WED 12/09/07 ITALY vs ROMANIA 20:00 19:30 – 22:00 MARSEILLE 22:00-23:00 H/LS MATCHES 12/9 50 min SABC 2
FRI 14/09/07 ENGLAND vs SOUTH AFRICA 21:00 20:30 – 23:30 ST DENIS

SAT 15/09/07 NEW ZEALAND vs REPECHARGE 1 13:00 12:30 – 15:30 CARDIFF 23:00-00:00 H/LS MATCHES 15/9 50 min SABC 2
SUN 16/09/07 FRANCE vs NAMIBIA 21:00 20:30 – 23:30 TOULOUSE 23:30 – 00:30 H/LS MATCHES 16/9 50 min SABC 2
TUES 18/09/07 SCOTLAND vs ROMANIA 21:00 20:30 – 23:30 EDINBURGH

FRI 21/09/07

00:00 – 01:00 H/LS MATCHES 20 & 21/9 50 min SABC 2
SAT 22/09/07 SOUTH AFRICA vs REPECHAGE 2 14:00 13:30 – 16:00 LENS


ENGLAND vs SAMOA 16:00 16:00 – 18:00 NANTES

ARGENTINA vs NAMIBIA 21:00 20:00 – 23:00 MARSEILLE 23:00-00:00 H/LS MATCHES 22/9 50 min SABC 2
SUN 23/09/07 AUSTRALIA vs FIJI 14:30 14:00 – 17:00 EDINBURGH 23:00 – 00:00 H/LS MATCHES 23/9 50 min SABC 2
TUES 2007/09/25 ROMANIA vs REPECHAGE 1 20:00 19:30 – 22:30 TOULOUSE 22:30 – 23:00 H/LS MATCHES 25/9 24 min SABC 2
WED 26/09/07 GEORGIA vs NAMIBIA 18:00 17:30 – 20:30 ST ETIENNE 22:00-23:00 H/LS MATCHES 26/9 50 min SABC 2
SAT 29/09/07 NEW ZEALAND vs ROMANIA 13:00 12:45 – 15:30 NANTES 12:30 – 12:45 H/LS MATCH 28/9 50 min SABC 2

SCOTLAND vs ITALY 21:00 20:00 – 23:00 TOULOUSE 23:00-00:00 H/LS MATCHES 29/9 50 min SABC 2
SUN 30/09/07 SOUTH AFRICA vs USA 20:00 19:30 – 22:30
22:30 – 23:30 H/LS MATCHES 30/9 50 min SABC 2

SAT 06/10/07 (QF 1) W POOL B vs RU POOL A 15:00 14:30 – 17:30 MARSEILLE

SUN 07/10/07 (QF 3) W POOL A vs RU POOL B 15:00 14:30 – 17:30 ST DENIS 23:00 – 00:00 H/LS MATCHES 6 & 7/10 50 min SABC 2


SAT 13/10/07 (SF 1 W QF 1 vs W QF 2) 21:00 20:00 – 23:30 ST DENIS

SUN 14/10/07 (SF 2 W QF3 vs W QF 4) 21:00 20:00 – 23:00 ST DENIS 23:00 – 00:00 H/LS SEMI-FINALS 50 min SABC 2

FRI 19/10/07 3rd and 4th PLAY-OFF 21:00 20:30 – 23:30 PARIS

SAT 20/10/07

13:00 – 14:00 H/LS & P/VIEW TO FINAL 50 min SABC 2

FINAL 21:00 20:00 – 23:30 ST DENIS

SAT 2007/10/27

13:00 – 14:00 2007 RWC Round-up 50 min SABC 2

Die rede dat ek meer Faceboek vriende as Maeree het.
Wat dink jy?

My geld
My good looks
Ek ken nie die helfte van my facebook “vriende” nie
Maeree dink Facebook snuif ou onderklere
Maeree is my suster
Die CIA stel nie soveel in Maeree belang soos in my nie

Dankie aan Minter vir hierdie een:

One day a group of engineers got together and decided that man had come a long way and no longer needed God. They picked one engineer to go and tell Him that they were done with Him. The engineer walked up to God and said, “God, we’ve decided that we no longer need you. We’re to the point that we can clone people and do many miraculous things, so why don’t you just go on and get lost.”

God listened patiently to the man and after the engineer was done talking, God said, “Very well! How about this? Let’s have a man-making contest.”

The man replied, “Okay, great!”

But God added, “Now we’re going to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam.”

The engineer said, “Sure, no problem.” He bent down and grabbed himself a handful of dirt.

God just looked at him and said, “No, no, no. Go get your own dirt!”

How to demoralize an engineer.  All references to the male imply the female as well.

Make him a coder / technician
The reason someone becomes an engineer is to feel that rush of solving a problem.  The implementation of the solution is the less interesting part.  A secondary rush comes from observing that the final product works, after the boring implementation work.  A surefire way to demoralize an engineer is therefore to give him a detailed solution to a problem and tell him to implement it.  Don’t let him contribute to finding the solution.  First prize is to not even give him details of the problem (that way he can’t even attempt to suggest a better solution than the one you told him to implement).

Ignore his input
If you can completely ignore any suggestions or input the engineer has, the frustration will ultimately lead to the engineer not giving any input any more, and just doing what he is told.  The best way to do this is to initially create the illusion that you are serious about using the input, but actually discarding and ignoring the input as soon as it is given.

Never finish the project
As mentioned above, the rush of seeing the end product of all the hard work function as it should can sometimes make up for the lack of creativity needed for the project.  Take this away and you are sure to demoralize the engineer for the next project.  The best way to achieve this is to complete the project up to the point where it is ready for operation, but to then delay the final launch indefinitely.

Make him use tools that frustrate him
Making progress is part of the day to day motivation of working on a project.  If you can slow down or stop that progress by forcing the use of tools that don’t work as needed, you can make a big hit in that motivation.  Software that randomly crashes, libraries that are unnecessarily complex and have little or no documentation, or procedures and systems that seem to add no value to the end product are excellent examples.

Make him do admin
Documentation is already seen as a necessary evil in the job of an engineer.  Why pay someone a human resources related salary if you can pay someone an engineer’s salary to do the same work, and have the added benefit of sapping morale?  This has the additional benefit of wasting the company’s money.

Apply Mushroom Management
Keep him in the dark and feed him bullshit.  Don’t give him updates on the progress of the project.  Don’t give him feedback on the company’s financial situation.  Make communication and co-operation between teams difficult or impossible.   Answer questions about these topics with answers like “We don’t want to trouble you with things that don’t really concern you, or that you wouldn’t understand”.

Office politics
Penalize him for not participating in office politics.  Give raises and promotions based on how much a person sucks up to the right people, not technical contribution.

Give him nothing to do
Stop him from doing any work wihtout authorization, and then don’t give him authorization to do anything.  Use excuses like : “We realize that it’s critical work, but that project currently doesn’t have the cash flow available to do that work.”

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